Kigonki Buty model - Overtone C 432 Hz


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Kigonki - Buty - Do Overtone 432 Hz From the family of "Steel Tongue Drum", the Kigonki is a completely intuitive melodic percussion instrument that can be played by anyone, even without any prior musical knowledge. It consists of a steel drum in which are cut out sound blades, and it can be played either directly with the hands or with adapted rods. This model "Buty" has 7 notes cut out of the steel in the form of blades with soft curves. The body of the instrument itself is also tuned on the tonic of the scale, and it resonates in sympathy with the notes during the game, the whole instrument thus returning in vibration. In addition, the instrument benefits from a very neat, changing and colorful aesthetic, unique to each Kigonki: a pleasure for the eyes as much as for the ears, which participates in the joy to play this instrument of a very high quality . Tuning Range of Do Overtone: C - D - E - G - Ab - C - D - E Dimensions ● Diameter: 23 cm ● Height: 15 cm ● Weight: 2.5 kg ✚ Delivered in its specially adapted padded carrying case, with two rubber-tipped sticks and a plasticised tuning chart. The Kigonki is characterized by an amazingly pure sound and an unparalleled ease of play! ✚ Sold in its padded bag with a pair of rubber mallets.


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