Iranian zarb-tombak with soft bag


Ref. N7635 - IH

Zarb-tombak with soft case H: 47 cm Ø: 28 cm NB: each instrument is unique, differences in the veins of the wood and the color are normal which means that the photos are not contractual Tombak (Persian: تنبک-تمبک) or zarb (ضرب) - also called tonbak, donbak, dombak - is an instrument of percussion with digital excitation originating in Iran (Persia). The name "tombak" would come from the sounds produced by the main strikes: tom (at the center of the skin, grave) and bak (at the edge, and acute). It belongs to the family of membranophones and more precisely of drums spread in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Although there are similarities between all percussion instruments of this form, the techniques used to play the tombak are probably the most elaborate. Tombak is traditionally made from a single piece of mulberry or walnut wood The name zarb would be of Arab origin which probably explains the current preference of the Iranians for the name tombak. Source wikipedia


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