Iranian professional santour in soft case


Ref. N6957 - IH

Beautiful iranian professional santour in soft case Excellent sound and quality The Santour is a string instrument struck (or hammered) of Persian origin. It consists of a hardwood trapezoidal case with a softer wooden soundboard. Two small openings in rosette and a round opening in a splice allow a good diffusion of the sound. It is equipped with 72 metallic strings (36 steel / 36 bronze), organized in 18 choirs of 4 strings, and resting on 18 movable easels. The Santour has a register of 3 octaves 1/2, arranged in 3 parallel sections: - low: bump to the left of the 9 easels on the right - mediums: punch to the right of the 9 easels on the left - treble: strike to the left of the 9 easels on the left Dimensions - long length: 89 cm - short length: 38 cm - thickness: 9 cm bridges included This model has a beautiful deep sound with a long sustain. Delivered in case cover, with a pair of chopsticks and a key of tuning. Note: As these instruments are handcrafted, some details such as wood shades, decorations and exact dimensions of the instrument may vary slightly from one santa to another.


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