Indian harmonium lesson


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Indian harmonium lesson : This course is designed to allow easy handling of the instrument and to learn a method for approaching the accompaniment of melodies in general and mantras in particular. The harmonium is an easily accessible instrument for anyone, even a non-musician. By taking a lesson, you will first learn how the instrument works, its features, and how to play. We do not play the harmonium as we play the piano: the piano being a struck strings instrument while the harmonium belongs to the family of wind instruments which completely changes the mode of emission of the sound and the support. on the keys which are however similar for the two types of instruments. Then you will learn a fairly intuitive method of approaching, for example, chanting a mantra that you want to accompany. If you decide to take a class, you can come with a recording of a mantra and we can explore together how to play it. By leaving the course, you will have the tools to continue your learning on your own. It often happens that a person takes a lesson to begin with and wants to come back a few weeks or months later to refine playing techniques and what makes harmonium playing so fun to listen to. A lesson lasts about an hour in the resonance room in the basement of the store and can be arranged by appointment by calling the store.


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