Indian Harmonium 2 stes of reeds with Octave Split

Ref. A8520 - OCC

-Harmonium Exceptional Indian Harmonium with Octave Split Tuned on the La 440Hz Very interesting instrument by its concept. This 2-part harmonium has a joystick on the right side of the instrument that allows a double-note splitting in the upper octave and not the lower octave as in our new transposer keyboard models. Another important feature lies in the ability of this instrument to play piano or forte. The first big pull opens the high forte register and the last one opens the same piano register. The second big pull opens the register grave forte, the 3rd mezzo forte and the 4th this same register grave but piano. The 5th open the treble sound Small pulls open drones. The musical principle of the Harmonium (also called Song Guide) and the same as that of the accordion. It is based on the use of free brass reeds and a bellows which provides the air necessary for sound emission. Depending on the model of the instrument, the sound comes from the vibration of one, two or three rows of reeds. Currently, the Harmomium is widely used in India in popular, classical and devotional music to accompany singing. The Harmoniums we offer are manufactured in Calcutta and are produced in dry wood of good quality. Characteristics - 2 rows of blades - 3 octaves 1/2 - 6-sided bellows - with handles


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