Hapi Drum - Mini model - D Major pentatonic


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A cousin of the Hang and the Caisa, the H.A.P.I Drum (Hand Activated Percussion Instrument) is a completely intuitive melodic percussion instrument that can be played by anyone, even without any prior musical knowledge. It consists of a metal barrel in which sound blades are cut, and it can be played either directly with the hands or with suitable sticks. This Mini model is the latest addition to the range. As the name suggests, it is also the smallest of all Hapi Drum models. It has the same look as its big brother Ufo, a beautiful shiny copper hammered finish. It features 8 playing blades and plays a pentatonic D major scale, featuring the following notes: D4 - E4 - F # 4 - A4 - B4 - D5 - E5 - F # 5, making it the highest pitched Hapi Drum of all models (► see sound sample below). This range, with a joyful and carefree character, is ideal for playing with other instruments, such as for example a guitar tuned in "open de D" or a tin whistle in D, which it will accompany wonderfully. This Mini also sounds particularly good in a duet with the Hapi Origin D Major, tuned to the same scale but one octave below. Dimensions ● Diameter: 20.5 cm ● Height: 14 cm ● Weight: 1.5 kg ✚ Sold in its padded black nylon protective cover fitted with a shoulder strap, accompanied by its pair of specially adapted rubber-tipped mallets and short handle. Ultra-easy to transport thanks to its small footprint, the Mini has a very bright sound and has nothing to envy of the larger models in terms of its sound power! ► SOUND EXTRACT OF THE HAPI MINI RÉ MAJEUR Here is the scale played by the Hapi Drum - Mini Model - D Major pentatonic Flash animation


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