Erhu - cambodia tro khmer Traditional 2-string Violin dragon


Ref. N5615 - IH

Erhu - cambodia tro khmer Traditional 2-string Violin with bow, dragon head Violon erhu Tro Khmer from Cambodia - rosewood This typically Khmer erhu consists of an engraved coconut on which is mounted a wooden handle in mahogany with carved head of dragon It has two strings and its bow has its wick positioned between the two strings as it should be for the erhu. The table consists of a natural goat skin. 2 strings metal with the most twisted This entry-level model, beautiful sound, ease of play Total height: 84 cm For the record: The Erhu (pronounder "erhou") is a traditional Chinese instrument with 2 strings of the violin family. Its name comes from "er" which means "two" and "hu", diminutive of "huqin", a generic term for the family of Chinese instruments with strings rubbed. It is also the most popular of all "huqin". It is believed to have its origins more than 1000 years ago in Central Asia and is the close cousin of Vietnamese Nhi.


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