Electronic Tanpura Box - Raagini Digital


Ref. N3335 - IH

The Tampoura Electronic, also called "Tampoura Box", is one of the essential work tools for all lovers of Indian music, whether beginners or accomplished professionals. It allows to accompany singers and instrumentalists by offering them an ideal support, with very advanced music playback possibilities. Unlike electronic Sruti Boxes, the Tampoura Box allows you to modulate notes one by one, in the form of arpeggio and not in agreement. All tones are possible, with sruti setting in sruti. The Raagini Digital is a classic of the Tampoura Box, known and recognized, whose adjustment possibilities and sound qualities are well established. Characteristics ● Sounds of various tampuras very rich and realistic, faithful to the acoustic instruments ● Multiple and varied possibilities of ranges ● Tessiture of more than one octave (La to Si) ● Very precise and stable tone ● Manual manual volume & tempo adjustment ● Super fine tuning for each note ● Easy and fast selection of Pa, Ma, Ni or Sa game style ● Fine manual adjustment of Nishad on 1 tone ● Rotary potentiometer to adjust the timbre of the instrument: female type tampoura for high tones, or male for more serious tones ● Transition from carnatic style (6 Matra) to Hindustan style (5 Matra) in one touch ● Rugged and lightweight ABS casing ● Sensitivity adjustment keys ● Speaker 10 W / Impedance 4 Ohms / Diameter 7.5 cm ● Stereo headphone / auxiliary output ● Operation on rechargeable batteries (AAA) or universal mains power (90 to 250 V) ● Built-in battery charger and AC cable included Dimensions ● Size: 18 x 10 x 14 cm ● Weight: ~ 760 g Ideal for travel because easy to carry thanks to its low weight and bulk, this electronic tampoura model, appreciated and used by many indian instrumentalists and vocalists on the international stages, will not leave you! ✚ Delivered in a black nylon bag with shoulder strap, accompanied by its mains power cable and a complete user manual (in English).


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