Electric Dulcimer / Claviarmonik / Shahi Baaja / Bulbul Tarang / Taisho Koto


Ref. N6089 - IH

Shahi Baaja, which could also be called "Claviarmonik", is an amazing Indian instrument of the family of zithers. It is a kind of Vosges spruce or electric Dulcimer modern design, equipped with a keyboard type "typewriter" that allows you to easily develop melodies. Close to the "Bulbul Tarang", widespread in India (also called "Bulbultara" in Tamil and southern India or "Tashepoto" in northern India), it is also found in Pakistan and Afghanistan (under the name "Benju"), and he also has a counterpart in Japan, the Taisho Koto. It is played flat on the knees or on a table, scratching the strings at the far end, to the right of the keyboard, with a plectrum (pick). This "Claviarmonik", electrified and "solid body", allows to approach in a playful way the Asian sounding music but also to include it in various modern repertoires (fusion, progressive music, electro, etc ...) . The instrument has a keyboard of 2 octaves and a half chromatic, with all the alterations, that is to say 30 notes in total. It is equipped with 2 melodic strings (chanterelles) tuned to the octave in the bass and treble; a bumblebee of 3 strings, in Mi-La-Mi treble, mounted on a bridge of type "jivari" (as on the Indian Sitar); and a series of 10 friendly strings that vibrate in resonance with the instrument. At the electronic level, it is equipped with 2 potentiometers, for adjusting the volume and tone of the microphone, and a jack output, to connect directly to a guitar-type amp or keyboard. Dimensions ● Length: 95 cm ● Width: 17 cm ● Thickness: 6 cm ✚ Sold in its rigid carrying case. An amazing instrument and unconventional, easy enough to apprehend, to bring a little Indian touch to all your compositions!


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