Eagle Bone Native American Flute - Decoy - 3 holes - Porcelain


Ref. N7032 - IH

Indigenous to the culture of the native peoples of North America, whether Apache, Cherokees, Iroquois, Lakotas or Navajos, the Amerindian flute transports us to the heart of the great plains and majestic landscapes of America. Closely linked to shamanism, mystical, it has the gift of bewitching anyone who listens to it. This lovely little flute, ocarina, call is a porcelain replica of a traditional instrument of the North American Indians, a small whistle called Eagle Bone. As its name indicates this instrument was originally directly cut in the large bone of the wing of a Royal Eagle, now replaced by a more respectful material of this beautiful bird! The body of the flute is pierced with 3 holes, allowing to play a sequence of 4 notes which can be related to a range of G minor Pentatonic, from low to high: Fa - Sol - Sib - Re. It can be used as its origin, as a call to call and imitate cries of birds especially birds of prey, like the great American eagle. Its use in melodic flute is also very interesting, especially thanks to its acute sonority, ideal to add accentuations recalling the song of the birds, in the spirit of the fetish animals / totems, and to emphasize some passages of the traditional Indian songs, in accompaniment from native wooden flutes to more serious tones. A small cord adjustable in suedine makes it possible to wear it around the neck and to keep it thus always within reach, during a walk in forest for example. Length: 12 cm A beautiful object with a neat finish and a powerful and brilliant sound, ideal for decorating traditional Native American music, or as a reappearance during walks in the forest, in communion with nature and birds!


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