Caisa - Celest Highwind C Minor


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Caisa - Celest Highwind C Minor From the same family as the Hapi Drum and close cousin of the Hang, the Caisa is a completely intuitive melodic percussion instrument that can be played by anyone, even without any prior musical knowledge. It consists of a metal dome on which are hammered and delimited zones of play, in the manner of a Steel Drum. Like the Hang, it is played directly with the hands, which allows a game rich in nuances. It also offers the ability to get a saturated sound, reminiscent of the Steel Drum, by pressing a little more keystrokes. The Caisa is designed as a convex steel drum, made of a 60 cm diameter dome made of special steel. The back, which serves as the base of the instrument, is a metal disk fixed only by tensioners, which leaves the dome as suspended in the air and allows the notes to resonate fully. The instrument is entirely hand-hammered to create each note (9 or 10 depending on the model), and some of them are sometimes surrounded by a series of small holes, allowing the best possible sound. The Caisa is available in different shades. This model plays a range ofCminor and has the following 9 notes:C (central) -F -G - Bb -C - D -Eb- F - G. Easy to play even without any prior musical knowledge, this "magic" instrument will delight both professional musicians and beginners. Its rich sound, full of nuances and harmonics, invites to experimentation and wonder! Warning: Because of its design, and like the Hang and the Steel Drum, the Caisa is sensitive to shocks, which can alter the vibration and accuracy of the notes. It is therefore strongly recommended not to use chopsticks or mallets, and to be careful when carrying the instrument. Complete your order with a protective cover or a wooden stand for your Caisa. Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d'aide à l'export

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