Bowed Psaltery - Alto model - 30 strings

Ref. N1065 - IH

Bowed Psaltery is a modern instrument of medieval inspiration, easy to play. It is triangular-shaped, equipped with 20 to 35 strings (diatonic scale on the right and accidentals on the left), bowed (with 1 or 2 bows) or plucked. Its sound, close to the hurdy-gurdy, is quite shrill but also ethereal, and very well suited to churches acoustics. Bowed Psaltery is very appreciated by folk musicians and it is also used by medieval and Renaissance music bands. This alto model is equipped with 32 strings. Features ● Solid spruce top ● Carved flower rosette ● Varnished solid walnut back and sides ● Nickel-plated metal pegs Range This alto model covers 2 and 1/2 chromatic octaves, from F3 to Bb5. Dimensions ● Height: 52 cms ● Width: 21 cms ● Sides depth: 4,5 cms ✚ Sold with its bow and tuning key.


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