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The Beat Root is an idiophone musical percussion instrument, from the family of Tank Drums, also known as Hand Drums or Steel Tongue Drums. The Beat Root tuning kit consists of magnets that allow you to fully customize the tuning of the instrument. You can change the ranges of your Beat Root at will by modulating each of its notes, simply by placing one or more magnets on the back of the slats to lower them by a semitone or a complete tone. The stickers provided can be used to mark the positions of the magnets. This system of magnets allows to return to the original range at any time, and this in a few seconds only. This kit allows you to adapt the instrument according to your needs and your desires and to create the ranges of your choice, offering up to a dozen alternative tunings, especially with the Beat Root in major scale, which is the ideal model to experiment with many chords Diagrams of tuning possibilities are provided in the kit Note: In order to be sure of tuning accuracy, we recommend using a chromatic tuner (guitar type) or a dedicated smartphone application. The tuning of the instrument using this kit is for musicians who already have some experience of tuning (guitar, bass ...). ► Discover all our models of Beat Root Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Akebono - Blanc
Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Akebono - Noir
Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Majeur - Blanc
Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Mineur - Blanc
Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Pentatonique - Blanc
Beat Root - Mod. acoustique - Pentatonique - Noir
Beat Root - Mod. électro. - Akebono - Blanc
► BEAT ROOTS DUO WITH TUNING KIT This video was made with a tuning kit, to obtain the following ranges: Black in Sol - C - Re - Eb - Sol - La - Bb - C & White in Solb - Bb - C - Eb - Solb - La - Sib - Re. ★ Do not miss any of our videos by subscribing to our PICK & BOCH MUSIC YouTube channel!


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