Beat Root -Major G - White- Electro-Acoustic


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The Beat Root is an idiophone musical percussion instrument, from the family of Tank Drums, also known as Hand Drums or Steel Tongue Drums. Instrument of high quality, the Beat Root is made in France from a specific alloy chosen for its sound properties. It is shaped and cut with state-of-the-art technology, then fully coated with a matte paint, very resistant and pleasant to the touch. It is then adorned with a decorative band "carbon effect" positioned on the periphery of the barrel at the weld, which gives the instrument a unique design and ensures a flawless finish. The quality and thickness of the alloy used in the production of Beat Roots, combined with the heat treatment performed after the tuning of the instrument, ensure a very high stability of the tuning. Each instrument is individually tuned by hand, in order to obtain impeccable quality in the service of the unique, deep and melodious sound of the Beat Root. The instrument can be played with the hands, with the provided rubber ball sticks that make the most of the sound power of the instrument, or with felt mallets. However, it is strongly discouraged to play with xylophone or drums hard sticks, not suitable for tongue drums, which could damage the instrument. This electro-acoustic model, here in matt white finish with black carbon effect band, is equipped with a built-in microphone and a 6.35 mm jack. The possibilities of use are very varied by connecting the instrument to an amplifier (type guitar, bass or voice) and possibly adding effect pedals, loopers or other accessories. It is the ideal solution to play on stage or in a group with other amplified instruments, and give free rein to musical experiments. It also allows you to make perfect sound, which makes this electro-acoustic version a model of choice for musicians who want to integrate their compositions and modify the sound to explore all facets. It is tuned to a range of Akebono of Sol, in the tuning fork 440 Hz: Sol - La - Sib - Re - Mib - Sol - La - Sib (G - A - Bb - D - Eb - G - A - Bb). This major scale can easily be modified with the N6457 tuning kit consisting of magnets that can change to a minor or pentatonic range or other ... Dimensions • Diameter: 30 cm • Height: 17 cm • Weight: 5 kg Undoubtedly the easiest range to play, it is ideal for improvising and meditating! Very widespread, Akebono is originally a range commonly used in traditional Japanese music, and today very popular for all so-called "intuitive" musical instruments; you must have heard it already somewhere! It uses the same intervals as a diatonic scale, but without a fixed tonic. Because of this, each note of the Akebono range can be the tonic. The Akebono range is highly appreciated by music therapists because it is very intuitive, and non-musicians will have no trouble making beautiful melodies! Dimensions • Diameter: 30 cm • Height: 17 cm • Weight: 5 kg - Made in France - ► Discover our other Beat Root models as well as the Tuning Customization Kit ► VIDEO DEMONSTRATION OF THE ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC BEAT ROOT ★ Do not miss any of our videos by subscribing to our PICK & BOCH MUSIC YouTube channel!


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