Beat Root - Acoustic-electric model - Akebono - Black


Ref. N6566 - N

The Beat Root is a high quality steel tongue drum, with 8 notes on the upper side and a large sound hole on the bottom. It can be played both with hands or mallets (included). This acoustic-electric model features an output that can be plugged in an amplifier, sound effects as loopers, or a mixing console, perfect for live performances and recording. It comes in black finish with a large white stripe. The Akebono scale (G A Bb D Eb G A Bb) is ideal to improvise, to create a relaxing atmosphere and express yourself. This scale is the easiest to play, widely known amongst Hang drums enthousiasts, and is adapted to musicians of all levels. The Akebono scale comes from the traditional Japanese music. This scale uses the same mix of notes as the diatonic scale and has no fundamental tone, which enables the musician to choose the fundamental tone depending on his inspiration. The Akebono scale is popular amongst musicotherapy praticians as it is very instinctive. ✚ Mallets and Beat Root backpack included.


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