Armenian Duduk - Professional model


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The Doudouk (also spelled "Duduk", in Armenian "Դուդուկ"), is a double reed wind instrument emblematic of the folk music of Armenia, and also listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2005. It allows to express with all authenticity all the passion and the suffering of the Armenian people. With more than 1,500 years of history, it also has several variants in neighboring countries, such as the Mey of Turkey, the Duduki of Georgia, the Balaban of Azerbaijan, the Narmeh-ney of Iran, the Duduka of Russia , The Dudka of Ukraine, etc ... Composed of a cylindrical body made of fruit wood, mostly apricot, it is pierced with 8 or 9 holes of play and 1 hole of inch, which offer it a range of one octave. The doudouk reed, traditionally called "ramish" (sometimes spelled "ghamish" or "yegheg" / "eġegn", in Armenian "եղեգն"), is an integral part of the instrument and greatly influences its sound. This beautiful professional doudouk is a model in apricot, in tone of La. Its warm sound and very easy emission allows a great richness of modulations and nuances. Length of body: 35 cm ✚ Sold complete with its selected reed, in its colored fabric storage bag. A very high quality instrument, each copy of which has been carefully tested and selected by Master Yeghish Manoukian for PICK & BOCH! Note: Because these instruments are hand-made, wood shades and dimensions may vary slightly from one to the other. Discover also our range of doudouks and accessories. ★ To go further Discover the exciting story of the Doudouk on our page Zoom on the Doudouk! ► DOUDOUK SOUND EXTRACT Improvisation by Stéphane WINTER on an instrument equipped with our Doudouk Reed - Professional model IH-4420, published with his kind permission. ► DOUDOUK VIDEO PRESENTATION & DEMONSTRATION By Maître Yeghish MANOUKIAN, an eminent musician who selects carefully one by one for PICK & BOCH all the Doudouks that we propose for sale; Accompanied to the drone by Agop BOYADJIAN, member of the association and traditional Armenian musical ensemble Spitak. Realization and translation by Anaïd. A big thank you to all three! Chnorakaloutioun, կալությունալություն! Note: To take full advantage of the Doudouk's deep deep bass, we recommend that you listen to these excerpts in the headphones or on good speakers, because the multimedia speakers and the systems usually integrated into laptops have an unfortunate tendency to "eat" A very large part of the low frequencies. ★ To lose none of our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel PICK & BOCH


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